What are your coaching specialties?

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I help people feel strong inside and out.

I do this by being body-positive, which includes following an Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size approach to fitness and nutrition.

Many of my clients come to me intimidated by the gym and at war with their bodies. With positive, supportive feedback and slowly building strength in the gym and healthy habits at home, I help my clients appreciate their bodies and find a confidence they’ve never had before.

I’m a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM ) and a nutritionist certified with Precision Nutrition. I use a variety of equipment and types of exercises with my clients including kettlebell, barbell, and dumbbell training, high intensity interval training, bodyweight movements, and suspension trainers (like TRX).

What are my options for coaching with you?


IMG_6675 (2)If you’re in the Burlingame, California area, I’d love to have you join our weekday small group training classes! Our intimate training groups include personalized modifications for your fitness level and injuries/health contraindications you might have.

We start with a warm-up, move into strength training exercises (programmed ahead of time to progress as you are ready), then we end with a challenging set of conditioning exercises and a cool down/stretch.

Check out our online calendar for class times.

IMG_6564 (2)I also provide private coaching both in-person and over the phone. In-person sessions may consist of mobility, strength, and conditioning exercises as well as discussing your specific health goals. For virtual coaching, we’ll check in once a week over the phone to discuss your progress and create strategies for meeting new goals.


What are your rates?

  • Small group in-person training:
    • Unlimited classes: $1799 for 6 months or $349 month-to-month
    • 8 classes per month: $1499 for 6 months or $299 month-to-month
    • Drop-in: $399 for 10-pack or $45 single class
  • Private in-person training: $850 10-pack of sessions, $105/single session
  • Private virtual coaching: $99/month

How do I get started?

IMG_6786 (2)First, we’ll meet over the phone or in person – you can schedule your complimentary consultation here.

During that session, we’ll discuss your goals and health history, then determine the right kind of coaching for you.

All in-person training happens at the Marvelous Performance Academy in Burlingame, California; virtual private coaching is over the phone and email.