IMG_6475 (2)“Jean helps me stay accountable to my commitment to fitness, overall mental and physical health, and stress management.  She also helps make fitness and mindfulness enjoyable, offering a different way to think about both and making the process something I look forward to.”
– Alexis A.




Chris in NZ (1)“Personal Training goals vary from individual to individual, but whatever your goals are it will most certainly be a combination of physical exercise, proper nutrition and mental coaching. Most trainers specialize in one of the three, and on rare occasions they can do a couple. Jean is the ultimate combination of expertise in all three, with her own finely balanced approach. She is helping me change my body and my mentality towards a healthy lifestyle.”
– Chris E.



IMG_0010 (2)“The value of Jean’s coaching is in her ability to be flexible to what I need at the moment and keep challenging me to improve my flexibility, endurance and strength. I feel safe pushing myself to a new limit without the fear of injury. Jean is not just a personal trainer, she’s a life coach that uses the body as a way to improve your overall health.”
– Irma V.



IMG_6544 (2)“I am not a naturally motivated exerciser. Jean applies just the right amount of encouragement so that I continue to feel motivated, without feeling undue pressure, which would discourage me. She’s helped me enjoy instead of hating exercise, and helped me to stay fit and healthy!”
-Jordan H.




60956_1396007710768_1392273_nJean helps me stop beating myself up for the things I am not doing, and focus on what I can do.  Being realistic about what I can accomplish, making it seem doable, rather than not possible is another great way she coaches me. Providing new perspective and simple guidance around food has also been super helpful.”
– Liz P.