I get an absurd amount of joy when a client exclaims, “thank you!” after I complete a big project, or even a small task that they’ve been putting off forever.

I understand that weight off their shoulders because I’m a small business owner myself (I have a lot on my business’ to-do list, too!). 

My background includes writing, editing, and publishing (BS in journalism from San Jose State University). I worked in the corporate world for several years at a higher education book publisher before changing careers to fitness training.

After first working for a national high-end chain gym, I took the plunge and launched my own coaching business, Genuine Strength, training clients one-on-one and in small groups (I still coach part time). 

Because I learned so much about marketing, website management, and business administration doing it for myself, I realized I enjoyed doing this work even more for other business owners.

My philosophy on business reflects my philosophy on fitness: There’s no one-size fits all approach, so let your core values be your guide and get curious about your “why?”

I currently live on the coast near San Francisco and get outdoors for hikes and beach sunsets as much as possible (plus my dog won’t let a day go by without at least one long walk!).