Hi, my name is Jean and I can’t be defined by a single title.

Turkish Get Up

I studied journalism and business at San Jose State University, worked at Thomson Learning/Cengage Learning in the editorial, production, and operations departments, then decided to do a career change to fitness.

After working at the gym Equinox for a few years, I took my fitness training business private and currently coach clients both in-person in Burlingame, California, and online.

With my experience in the corporate world and running my own successful business, I provide other small businesses with project management and content development and editing services.

My philosophy on business reflects my philosophy on fitness: There’s no one-size fits all approach, so let your core values be your guide and get curious about your “why?”

Today, I help several clients that own and operate small businesses and I also coach several fitness clients. I enjoy the variety of skill sets, experiences, and perspectives I get from having a very unique career path.

Help for Your Small Business

When working with a small business, what I’ve found most helpful is first uncovering who your audience/market is, what’s important to them, and where they hang out.

From there, all the questions about what products/services to develop and how to market them become very easy to answer.

The types of tasks I can help you with fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Maintaining current business (making current clients happy with their experience). This includes setting up a CRM tool (customer relationship management), using surveys, and sending thank you gifts.
  2. Reducing the time you spend on business admin by implementing automations and systems (and delegating to me) so you can do what is most meaningful to you. Examples include developing template email responses, creating a client/customer onboarding process, and finding the best ways of requesting and receiving payments.
  3. Building your business revenue and/or developing new services and products to offer. We’ll first explore the most successful ways you currently get clients, then branch out from there with advertising, email and social media marketing, as well as building in-person networks and referral opportunities.

To be clear, my strength lies in helping you manage all the various tasks involved in maintaining, streamlining, and building your business. We’ll connect with the experts in each area (design, marketing, technology, etc.) so you get the best, most informed advice.

Body Positive Fitness Coaching

I used to have a very narrowly defined version of “health,” based on what the fitness industry (and society) was showing me. No matter how hard I trained or dieted, it wasn’t good enough – I wasn’t strong enough, lean enough, fit enough, healthy enough – my inner critic was never satisfied.

I thought, “There’s got to be a better way to live!”

So I stopped trying to follow intense training programs and started experimenting with different styles of movement. I stopped trying to control what, how much, and when I ate, and I started using the Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size approaches to wellness.

My definition of health shifted – I now see health as much about my mental, emotional, and social (and more!) as it is physical.

I’ve found that there are two pieces to the puzzle of making health and fitness changes:

  1. The first is mindset. Switching from listening to an inner critic that you think has served you in the past by punishing you, shaming you, and discouraging you, to your true inner voice that is compassionate, kind and encouraging.
  2. The second is creating habits. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s the journey not the destination…blah, blah, blah. Yeah, you’ve heard it all before, and it’s boring, but true. Finding a sustainable, and therefore consistent way to build fitness into your life is critical. And the best way to do that? HAVE FUN! Here are a few guidelines I’ve found to be true.