Help for Your Small Business

When working with a small business, what I’ve found most helpful is first uncovering who your audience/customer is, what’s important to them, and where they hang out.

In addition, it’s equally important for me to understand who you (and your team) are. I want to know why you decided to start this business, what you enjoy working on and what you want to let go.

From there, all the questions about what products/services to develop and how to market them become easier to answer.

The types of tasks I can help you with fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Maintaining current business (making current clients happy with their experience). This could include setting up a CRM tool (customer relationship management), using surveys, sending thank you gifts, and better understanding how your customers use your services or products.
  2. Reducing the time you spend on business admin by automating as much as possible so you can do what is most meaningful to you. I’ve helped clients develop template email responses, create client/customer onboarding processes, and implement complex scheduling and payment systems.
  3. Building your business revenue and/or developing new services and products to offer. We’ll first explore and fully leverage the most successful ways you currently find customers, then branch out from there with brand awareness, content marketing, networking, and referral opportunities.